The convention is host to the following panels on hot topics where different issues can be discussed openly and your questions can be answered.

Decentralized Exchange Discussion Panel

Chris Odom

Open Transactions

Stefan Thomas

Developer (Ripple)

Mike Hearn

Developer (Google)

Mainstream Acceptance of Bitcoin

Joris Bontje


Roger Ver


Tony Gallippi


Alan Safahi

Founder & CEO (ZipZap)

Bitcoin Enterprise Solutions

Mirko Sprengnether

German Attorney (Winheller)

Tamas Blummer

Founder (Bits of Proof)

Jacob Boersma

Consultant (Innopay)

Bitcoin Alternatives Discussion Panel (Alt-coins)

Charlie Lee

Developer (Litecoin)

Meni Rosenfeld


Ron Gross

CEO (Bitblu)

Michael Gronager

COO (Payward)

E-Gaming Discussion Panel

Willem van Rooyen

Skilled Gaming SC2BTC

Willem Van Oort

eGaming Consultant

Regulation of Bitcoin

Peter Šurda

Economics of Bitcoin

Wieske Ebben

Policy Advisor (Central Bank)

Niels Ploeger

Amsterdam Politie

Joerg Platzer

Crypto Currency Consulting Group

Jacob Boersma

Consultant (Innopay)

Borderless Solutions Discussion Panel

Eli Sklar

Entrepreneur (SafeBit)

Celso Cardoso Pitta

Entrepreneur (BTCJAM)

Kris Henriksen

Entrepreneur (BIPS)

Jeff Garzik

Developer (Bitcoin)

The above panels are subject to modification without notice. If you’d like to participate in a panel or request a new panel be created, please use the contact form or email